Carla-Bayle Village of art

A wonderful Pyrénées view.

Carla-Bayle is a small town in the Ariège a Midi-Pyrenees region.
Old Huguenot citadel, this village located on a 400 meters rocky peaks, overlooks the valleys of the Lèze and Arize rivers, and offers a magnificent view of the nearby Pyrenees.

In the 16th century, this town was called Carla-le-Comte. Since it is also the birthplace of Pierre Bayle, it became Carla-Bayle in 1879 in memory of this writer, a republican symbol.



This village has as many art galleries as inhabitants, it is thus the opportunity of beautiful discoveries of artists who will know how to share and appreciate their work.

For about twenty years, the association “Rue des Arts”, dedicated to the promotion of art in rural areas, animates the artistic life of the small city and promotes the development of the visual arts. Its objective is to enable enjoying works of various currents of art and to facilitate its access to a vast public.

Every two months, Rue des Arts has developed a festival of visual arts; artist workshops and galleries allow fans to discover new works, to meet and to dialogue with the present actors.

The Philosopher's Gallery hosts exhibitions throughout the year. In summer, with the Salle Ronde, the art square and the garden under the church, animation is doubled. Exhibition themes are chosen in relation to the history of the village and its famous character, the philosopher Pierre Bayle. It is renewed every year.

The galleries of the course lead to beautiful discoveries of artists, the gallery Hirondelle offers an exhibition that brings together painters and sculptors, around the themes of nature and landscape.

Wood sculptors, bring forth the art of nature. His pieces are from small to monumental and are as they were drawn. Each element invites the spectator to turn around and to look at the smallest details.



  • A church dating from 1687 is built on the site of a feudal castle
  • A temple dating from 1884, consisting of two floors with a double gallery. This building is checked in the Historic Monuments Register.
  • The Pierre Bayle Museum, inaugurated in 1989, traces the life and works of Pierre Bayle, as well as the history of Protestantism in the 17th and 18th centuries.
  • The place of Europe, in the middle of the village, with its fountain and the globe dedicated to Pierre Bayle bearing the inscription "I am a citizen of the world."

Village of character, the Carla Bayle knew how to protect its unit while still being open on the outside. Thus, many various artists and craftsmen have chosen to settle there.

Painters, ceramists, sculptors and other creators contribute to the charm, to the cachet and the animation of the city.
Galleries, art exhibitions and workshops offer a summer festival of contemporary art every year. A unique artistic site in the Midi-Pyrénées region, attracting plenty of visitors.

Many cultural events punctuate the year and animate the place. So every summer, attend the following events:

  • Art Festival "rue des arts" from June to September. Free access to various art galleries and exhibitions.
  • The Tuesdays of Carla: festive evenings combining cuisines and world music.